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Updated 01-Apr-2020

A way to protect yourself against possible financial crisis. IndaloGold has created a Win-Win system. You get great discounts on your purchases of gold in exchange for recommending new customers to the company and IndaloGold increases its customer base without spending on advertising.

Begin to increase your assets in 24 carat fine gold through the system that IndaloGold created so that you can benefit from great discounts on the purchase of bullion and/or gold coins.

How can I increase my gold assets?

You select the Contracts of Purchase with Discount that best suits your needs, delivering an advance payment and the rest is paid by the work of recommendation or promotion. Many companies worldwide use the client recommends client system, it's something thats been working for decades. Besides, fine gold is a very attractive product since it never gets old and is a heritage property.

IndaloGold offers its customers an exclusive service of gold buyback.

View the following range of our gold discounted purchase contracts

Product Purchase amount 25% Prepayment Recomended clients Benefits in gold Administration fee
Contract CE100 400€ 100€ 6 300€ * 100€
Contract CE250 1.000€ 250€ 6 750€ * 250€
Contract CE500 2.000€ 500€ 6 1.500€ * 500€
Contract CE1000 4.000€ 1.000€ 6 3.000€ * 1.000€
Contract CP3500 14.000€ 3.500€ 6 10.500€ * 3.500€
Contract CP7500 30.000€ 7.500€ 6 22.500€ * 7.500€

* The received benefit is conditioned to the obligatory purchase of physical gold in the online shop.