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Updated 01-Apr-2020
Use of the Cookies on the web site

From IndaloGold we inform you that our web site uses Cookies to analyze the browsing of the Clients.


A Cookie is generally a little piece of information sent from a web page, which is stored in the browser of the Client while browsing in the web page. The Cookies HTTP can or cannot be stored only during the time in which the Client is on the web page (session cookies), or they can also remain stored in the browser of the Client during a definite term with independence of the duration of the current session (persistent cookies). The Cookies function in combination with the content of the same web page, to capture and remember information. The Cookies cannot have viruses or install malware.

The Cookies that are established by the domain of the web site that the Client is visiting (the domain that figures in the address bar) are called origin Cookies. The origin Cookies are generally used to remember who is the Client when this passes from one page to another, or when it comes back to the web site in subsequent visits. These Cookies can only be read for the domain that has enabled it.


The Client can choose that its computer notices each time that it sends a Cookie, or it can choose to deactivate all the Cookies. This can be done through the configuration of the browser. Each browser is a little different; so the Client must consult the menu of help of its computer to confirm the correct way of modifying the Cookies. If the Client deactivates the Cookies it will not have access to many functions that make more effective the web site, and some of our services will not work correctly. How the Cookies are used to track the articles of the shopping cart through the order process.

You will find information about how to change the configuration of you browser, from these links.







IndaloGold will use the Cookies of Google Analytics only if you have given your previous consent. If you do not accept the Cookies to be placed, these Cookies will be blocked. Google Analytics is a service of analysis of webs that offers Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses Cookies to analyze the use of the web site from the Clients. Google will use global statistical data to offer us a vision of your way of using the web site. Google will only be able to provide these data to third parties if they are required by law that Google does this way or in the measure in which third parties treat such data in behalf of Google. You can find more information about Google Analytics at and

This application has been developed by Google, which provides us the service of analyzing the audience of our page. This company can use this data to improve its proper services and to offer the services to other companies. You can know these other uses from the indicated links.

This tool does not gather data from the names or surnames of the Clients, nor from the postal address from where they are connected. The information gathered is related, for example, with the number of pages visited, language, social network in which our news are posted, the city to which the IP address is assigned from where it is accessed by the Clients, the number of Clients that visit us, frequency, recidivism of the visits, time of visit, browser they use, computer, or terminal from which the visit was done.

We use this information to improve our page, detect new necessities, and value the improvements to introduce the purpose of rendering a better service to the Clients that visit us.

If you need more information about Cookies and how to deactivate them, contact your administrator of technical assistance or contact with the assistance service of you browser. If you want more information about Cookies, including how to see which Cookies that have been configured and how to manage and ease them, visit


This Cookies policy can be changed eventually. It is advised to the users of the web site to periodically check if changes have been produced in this Cookies policy. This Cookies policy has been modified for the last time in January 2016.