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IndaloGold is an Online Shop that buys and sells bullion and coins of 24 carat fine gold legally registered in Republic of Panama, starting its activities in January 2016. It has a philosophy that aims to help people improve their financial situation and accumulate investment gold assets.

In IndaloGold you join the opportunity not only to improve your financial situation, but also to increase your financial intelligence.

Network Global Services Corporation S.A. and its business name IndaloGold is a Panamanian company, which is part of a holding company. The company was established in 2015.

The company is legally registered in Republic of Panama as Network Global Services Corporation S.A. with address in San Francisco, 69th street, P.H. Alfa Real Local 2, Panama City (Panama).

IndaloGold is an Online Shop that buys and sells bullion and coins of 24 carat fine gold.

Of course it is. You buy gold and you have 2 ways to pay the purchase:

Paying money for your purchase or recommending clients to the company, with the same product you have bought.

In the investment gold bullion purchase, you get a discount on the purchase price.

You never receive money for bringing more people to the company. It´s clear that you get profits by the sale and purchase of a product or specific service.

All profits generated in the company are subject to the compulsorily purchase of physical investment gold in the online shop.

You can register through our official website or through any our client website, who invited you to see the Indalogold Online Shop opportunity. You can register as a client with any of the recommended start packages.

You can register in our Online Shop or buy investment gold just as a client.

Another option is to register to get gold through the Discount Purchase System. For this, you have to buy a Purchase Contract with Discount in gold or any of our packs.

The third option is to buy the Entrepreneur Membership, besides having the Discount Purchase System activated, and thus you can access to special profits like exclusive tools to promote IndaloGold, exclusive training courses, entrepreneur membership bonus, career plan of the company and unique bonuses and promotions for entrepreneur clients.

The cost of the Purchase Contracts with Discount in gold in IndaloGold depends of the type of product you want to start with.

We recommend to you to choose the product that makes you feel more comfortable and within your economic means.

If you have any question, speak with the person who invited you to join IndaloGold.

To get more information about the products you can contract, to begin in the Purchases with Discount System click Here.

When you have filled out the registration form, you will receive an e-mail which you will have to confirm clicking in the link that you have received. Then you can continue with the second step of the registration and you will have access to you virtual office. Almost all the options will be blocked. At first, you have to go to the menu “Profile” and in the submenu “Upload the documents” upload the ID document and address proof. You also have to go to “general information” and fill out all the mandatory fields.  After it, the verification process takes 1-2 business days. When the information is verified you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the company and you will have access to all the sections of your online office.

The company gives you different tutorials, manuals about business operation, official tools for a good promotion and a training center. Also you have an online support system through internal mail.

Network Global Services Corporation S.A.

R.U.C.: 155601415-2-2015 DV 51

Adres: Corregimiento de San Francisco, Calle 53 y Obarrio, Hi- Tech Plaza, Piso 10

Miasto: Ciudad de Panamá

Państwo: Panamá

Email: soporte@indalogold.com